Evans Management Services is a professional property management firm operating properties in the Western United States.

The manufactured home industry is continually evolving. Evans Management Services maintains a close watch on industry trends, legislative changes, and market reports. Explore the website and find out more about the company and how we can serve you.

Professional Staff

The company is comprised of well-trained individuals, including corporate office staff in Santa Cruz as well as managers, associates, and maintenance personnel on property.Learn More

Experience Counts

Evans Management Servcies was established in 1963 in Santa Cruz, California. The decades of experience has shaped Evans Management Servcies into an industry leading company ready to serve your interests.Learn More

Return On Investment

Evans Management Servcies has an experienced accounting department to provide you with in-depth reporting tools making it easy to see the returns on your investment.Learn More

Why Choose Evans Management Services?

  • You are seeking an industry leader specializing in manufactured home community management.
  • Enjoy personalized service tailored for your investment needs.
  • Feel confident your assets are looked after as if they were owned by your management company.
  • Minimize risk and realize the best out of your long-term investment.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“As it turned out, I am so glad that Evans Management Services was hired to manage the park, though I was skeptical.  It took time, but excellent on-site managers were brought in, some bad apples were eventually evicted, and a lot of beautification took place.  They made our park look more like the lively bustling Bay Area that we live in, not just some cheap housing solution on the fringes. Thank you folks!”
Resident, Redwood City
“I am very impressed by the amount of projects that have been completed, and are near completion!  I thank all of you for working so diligently on some of the worst eyesores and danger areas.  That includes you, of course as you have been working with me for a long time, Christy for all of her involvement, Robin and Jon for getting so much done (after so little had been done with the previous managers and had all of us unaware), and everyone and anyone else that has had anything to do with getting our Park back to being a place good people want to live.
Thank you, Adam, for being on top of the business at the Sequoia Trailer Park.  I am so much more relaxed with the Evans Management team working for me.”
Owner, Redwood City
“Thank you for answering our various questions and clarifying some of the many complexities associated with manufactured home communities. It’s reassuring to have someone from EMS at our board meetings from time to time, your help is greatly appreciated.
In my opinion, you and the entire staff of EMS are doing a magnificent job of managing Blue Pacific and helping us through the difficulties of our first three years.”
Resident, Aptos